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 From Lavender Foot Balm to Anti-Aging Serum to Body Mist to Conditioning Beard Oil, lavender has seen a tremendous surge in the skin care market as well as having been established in the health care and culinary industries for thousands of years. Its history goes back over 2500 years. 

 Lavender is a member of the mint family with a distinctive and alluring aroma, described as a combination of mint and rosemary with a sweet, floral scent. Its beautiful purple has made it a favorite of royalty throughout its long history of use. 

This hardy, robust plant is native to the Old World Mediterranean region, and is found from the Canary Islands of the east coast of Africa, as well as proliferating to eastern and northern Africa, and westward to Asia, China to southeast India.


The first recorded arrival of lavender to North America was in 1600s brought by the pilgrims and is thought to be the first Old World herb brought to the New World.  About the same time lavender was landing in North America it was also beginning to spread into England at a commercial level.

Lavender has proliferated steadily in North America since its arrival in the 17th century with growing number of lavender farms coming online. In a recent press release by Persistence Market Research in a Global Market Study on Lavender Oil, reveals that more than US$ 76 million in lavender oil was consumed worldwide in 2016, which was made up primarily of personal care products - the bulk of the overall demand for lavender globally. According to the report, the global lavender oil market is expected to reach US$ 124.2 million, between 2016 and 2024.  

The contributing factors to this projected growth market are numerous to say the least, but an important contribution is the amount of laboratory research being conducted on lavender essential oil. These studies continue to pull lavender’s medicinal claims out of the realm of folk-medicine and alternative/tradition medicine in to the world of clinical trials in aromatherapy to treating depression, to activating cell rejuvenation, lavender clinical studies continue to make headlines, in the medical sciences.

Another important contributing factor to the expected global market growth of lavender is consumers increasing demand for essential oils of high quality and high purity. In 2016, lavender concentrates accounted for an astounding 49% revenue share of the market, making lavender the Queen of the Essential Oils.

Where does Lavender Grow in North America?

Lavender’s growing or hardiness zones ranges from Zone 5 to 10, depending on the species. See an overview of lavender species growing zones

Lavender Essential Oil for Skin Care

Lavender and skin care routines have been entwined since the earliest written records and archaeology evidence dates its use far back in pre-history. In written records, lavender has long been relished for its enticing scent as well as its healing effects. As far back as the ancient Egyptians lavender is referenced in hieroglyphics for its extensive use cosmetics and as anti-aging agent and was one of the essential herbs in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

In Victorian time’s ladies of status used lavender oil as perfumes, most notable during this era Queen Elizabeth regularly used lavender as a perfume and in a medicinal tea. 

In early America wet bedding and clothing was thrown over lavender bushes to pick up the lavender scent.

Written records of the medicinal properties of lavender go back to the first century Greek medical writings. In Roman times lavender was used for indigestion, headaches and as an antiseptic for sore throats, wounds and burns. Lavender now has long list properties that have proven beneficial for medical usage, here the most common:

· Treatment for a large number of skin conditions

· Stress 

· Anxiety

· Exhaustion

· Irritability

· Headache

· Migraine

· Insomnia

· Depression

· Digestion

· Upset Stomach

· Colds

· Breath Freshener 

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is an essential oil that is used in most lavender products and is produced from a distillation process of certain species of lavender flowers. Let’s break down the benefits of lavender oil for skin, and how easily you can get started adding it to your daily self-care routine.

How Is Natural Lavender Oil Made?

Lavender oil is a favorite with essential oil enthusiasts. That is usually hand harvested from the fields on lavender farms. The flowers bunched and naturally dried for several weeks which allows the buds to be easily removed from the stems.

Once the flowers are dried they are steam distilled. The steam distillation process ensures your lavender oil is not contaminated by chemicals often used in mass production methods.

Benefits of Lavender for Skin Care

With skin care entering the self-care and DIY domain, lavender for skin care surged in the market. Here are all the ways to use lavender oil for skin.

Lavender in the Fight against Acne

Acne is often the result of your skin not having enough oil causing your skin to overproduce sebum, your skin’s natural oil. This can produce clogged pores causing acne flare up. 

Lavender oil moisturizes your skin, and its antibacterial properties fights the bacteria can build up in your pores. In a nutshell, lavender oil helps prevent this bacterial buildup and also shows to be beneficial in reversing acne flare up leaving your skin refreshed and clean. 

Lavender Reduces Eczema and Dry Skin 

Adding natural lavender products into body care routine relieves itchy dry skin patches. Lavender oil does a wonderful job in balancing your skin’s moisture barrier for an optimal balance between oily and dry. Applying lavender body creams directly onto those dry spots will soften your skin feel and make it smooth and itch free.

Lavenders’ anti-inflammatory properties also can help reduce redness, blotchy patches, and even the scarring from acne. It works for irritated skin from the sun over exposure, insect bites, and bacteria.

Detoxifying Effects of Lavender

With natural balancing effects Lavender bath products such as gels, and Belvedere Lavender Goats Milk Bath or Lavender Salt Body Scrub are extremely beneficial detoxifying your skin.

Lavenders Anti-Aging Properties Prevent Wrinkles

Lavender is a fantastic source of antioxidants that fight free radical damage. Free radicals can cause damage to parts of cells such as proteins. That means lavender can help protect against wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

How do you choose a Lavender oil skin care product? 

With so many skin care benefits, lavender is infused into many skin products but not all products are created equal.

The most import factor in choose various lavender products to add to to skin care routine is the word “natural” and “organic”. It is important to look at the ingredients! A long list unpronounceable chemical names on the back label is good indication that the product is not “natural” as is often advertised. The product ingredients should all be natural additives and herbal extracts which are tested and proven to be beneficial for skin care.


Also keep in mind that when ordering lavender products from distributors that are not the “hands on” experts in lavender from growing, to harvesting, to product creation. 

“Belvedere Lavender Farm has developed a full line of natural lavender skin care products that are registered with Health Canada”  

To really understand the best choices for your personal lavender skin care product selection(s), is to purchase from sellers that are not just selling a some lavender products amidst a million other products but to deal with those seller that product the products from growing through harvest to final product. Know what you are buying and where the product came from.

Lavender is a wonderful and ancient herb with a growing list of uses, benefits and possibilities. Belvedere Lavender encourages you to experiment and enjoy the experience of natural lavender in your personal skin-care program.

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